I’m Feeling Suicidal

Reach Out for Mental Health is not a crisis service. If you’re feeling acutely suicidal and are concerned that you are unable to keep yourself safe you need to call 999 or go to your nearest A&E department.

Reach Out for Mental Health supports individuals who experience suicidal thoughts – however you do not have to be feeling suicidal in order to speak to one of our volunteers.

We speak to many people who ARE NOT experiencing suicidal thoughts but still benefit from speaking to one of our volunteers.

Reach Out for Mental Health provides a safe, confidential and non-clinical space for you to talk to a trained volunteer befriender about anything which may be troubling you.

Many people who we’ve supported over the years have said to us they don’t necessarily want to die, but they want the pain to stop.

This is very common.

We are here to support you, please call 07308 069 609.

You are not alone!

Reach Out for Mental Health are here Monday–Friday 9am–7pm for anyone who has suicidal feelings or anyone who feels that they are struggling with their mental health.