Kirsty Eaton


My name is Kirsty and I’m the founder of Reach Out for Mental Health. As some of you know I created the service after a colleague of mine took his life in 2015. It’s been the hardest but most rewarding thing I’ve ever done and I’m so grateful for the amazing support we’ve had from so many people to help us get to where we are today.

I live in Thurrock with my partner, daughter, 2 cats, 2 hamsters, 4 hens and one very noisy rooster. If my garden was big enough I’d have a turkey and a pig too! I love animals and being outdoors in general and I’m a huge advocate for green therapy. I also enjoy learning lots of different crafts from upcycling and painting furniture to decoupage and glass painting.

My biggest passion is music and dance. On a Monday evening you can often find me at my local Ceroc class learning how to twirl around a ballroom beautifully but at weekends you’ll see me leaping around to a local band in a local boozer.

Claire Harding

Business Development Manager

I started my Reach Out for Mental Health journey in June 2020. Prior to joining, I had worked for a local charity and before that I had worked for local authorities in projects, policies and accountancy. I have gained a wide range of skills and experience which I apply within my role with Reach Out for Mental Health but what I really love is our ethos which I know helps so many people.

I know that Reach Out for Mental Health is making a big difference to people’s lives within Essex. I am immensely proud and honoured to be enhancing and developing the services that Reach Out for Mental Health provides. I feel deeply privileged to be working with a talented and dedicated team of volunteers who support our clients so well. In my spare time, I love painting, drawing, crafting and anything to do with art.



I’m Doreen, I’m a grandmother and I used to teach and had the role of student welfare manager which involved not just students but their families.

When I retired, I thought I could use my experiences to help others. My students used to think I was mad and apparently most people agree so at least I don’t have to make excuses for myself. I love animals and always have had dogs and or cats.

At the moment I have a greyhound and Caucasian Sheppard. All my animals have been rescued and come with issues but bring so much into my life. “Challenging” would describe them but life is a challenge so I try through ROFMH to support clients that have their challenges and hope they find the strength to overcome their darkest moments.

Sometimes it’s hard but it’s rewarding too. I’m always happy to talk to people about anything and everything. Nothing shocks me and I don’t judge. Good luck to everyone that joins our team.


Well-Being Writer

Hello, I write and design the content for The Lifeline Newsletter. I have been creative writing ever since I could hold a pen and I am currently writing a book about dreams.

Alongside my work with ROFMH, I volunteer with Thurrock’s Youth Services and facilitate creative writing, expressive art and well-being workshops. Creative expression is how I remain sane through the days and I encourage you to participate in any activity that makes you smile and laugh.

As a writer I love stories, so if you would like to share your tales of triumph, how you beat the black dog, or, if you just need some creative inspiration, please email me using the contact form.

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