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Do you keep records, and who has access to them?2022-03-28T13:21:22+01:00

We keep records of your personal information, but not your home address – only the town in which you live. After each call our volunteers write an assessment to summaries the call. The records are kept confidential unless there is a threat to yourself, the public or suspicions of terrorism. All records are deleted after 7 years.

Do you offer professional counselling or psychotherapy service?2022-03-28T13:20:50+01:00

No, we offer a befriending service and some of our volunteers may have an interest in counselling or psychotherapy.

Do I need to be referred by a professional?2022-03-28T13:20:33+01:00

No, Reach Out for Mental Health does work with different organisations that can help with referrals but you can refer yourself.

Do I have to be feeling suicidal or experiencing suicidal thoughts to use your service?2022-03-28T13:20:19+01:00

No. We support many people who aren’t suicidal but are just going through a tough time.

How much does our service cost?2022-03-28T13:20:03+01:00

Nothing, our service is absolutely free.

Reach Out for Mental Health is a not for profit community interest company which means and profits we make go back into our service. We rely on donations and grants to fund our support service. If you would like to make a donation, please click on Support Us and select Donate.

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