September 2020

This video shares the heartbreak and despair of losing a child to suicide. It’s not intended to guilt anyone considering suicide into staying alive and in pain to save the suffering of others, but to encourage you to SPEAK OUT.

June 2020

Kirsty Eaton on BBC radio Essex.

November 2019
October 2019

BBC Radio Essex

Kirsty Eaton on BBC Radio Essex on Tuesday 8th October at 9pm talking about the service, why it was set up, what we do and who we’ve helped.

August 2019

Update on next year’s Festival and upcoming Comedy Night!

Hobart Family and Friends Good Causes – Thank you everyone for your support!

May 2019

We are so proud to announce that Kirsty Eaton will be meeting the suicide prevention minister, our very own Jackie Doyle Price!

April 2019

Your Thurrock – The Grays Lives Project: Reach Out for Mental Health

Kirsty Eaton talks about her organisation, their hopes and challenges.

March 2019

Good Afternoon Show – Gateway 97.8 fm

Scroll down to the 1pm Good Afternoon show on Monday 18th March- thanks to Chris and Steve Hobart for the publicity.

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