Mission Statement

ROFMH offers relief from suicidal thoughts and feelings through the delivery of open and non-judgemental emotional support. ROFMH aspires to a time when this service is no longer needed. For now, it will persevere to ensure no one suicidal is left in the dark.

Vision Statement

To reduce the number of attempted and completed suicides in Essex.

Our Objectives

  • ROFMH provides a confidential and non-clinical opportunity for individuals to talk, trust, reflect and be heard.
  • ROFMH’s work concurrently has a strong focus on reducing the stigma of suicide, educate, inform and renovate beliefs and ideas about how to deal with those feeling suicidal and empower individuals to have the confidence to talk to those feeling suicidal.
  • ROFMH offers training to Gatekeepers- individuals who are in contact with those at high risk of suicide.
  • ROFMH believes in empowerment and trust; supporting individuals to develop the tools and skills for their own recovery and manage possible future relapses.
  • ROFMH supports those feeling suicidal in Essex but with increased funding, continued support from local authorities and CCG’s and partnership working with other like-minded organisations ROFMH can reach people all across the Southeast and beyond.
  • ROFMH will never charge individuals for this service.

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